About Circa 78 Designs
I created Circa 78 Designs with one goal in mind: to celebrate the powerful simplicity of late-century design. I strive to create work that is optimistic, harmonious, and playful, providing clients with pieces that reflect those values back into their homes and businesses. Whether you need a stripe-filled mural for your walls, a comforter for your bed, or a new logo for your brand I can bring your 70s-modern design dreams to life.


About Rachel Breeden
Raised on a steady TV diet of Children's Television Workshop programming I developed an early affection for bold graphics, bright colors, and supergraphic stripes. I grew up in a creative home surrounded by my dad's art school paintings; though he never worked in the arts, his otherwordly pieces were imprinted on my psyche from an early age.

As a self-taught artist, I've followed my passion for retro-inspired design through many different mediums before finding my home in digital art. It's here that I've finally found a way to get my work out of my brain and into the world.

All items contain original designs copyright Rachel Breeden / Circa 78 Designs.

"Pinball Number Count" images by Jeff Hale + Imagination Inc.