About Circa 78 Designs
Circa 78 Designs is a Philadelphia-area design studio created by artist Rachel Breeden. Creating work that is nostalgic, harmonious, and playful, Rachel provides clients with pieces that reflect those values back into their homes and businesses. Whether you need a stripe-filled mural for your walls, a comforter for your bed, or a new logo for your brand, Circa 78 Designs can bring your 70s-modern dreams to life.


About Rachel Breeden

Raised on a steady TV diet of Children's Television Workshop programming Rachel developed an early affection for bold graphics, bright colors, and supergraphic stripes. She was raised in a creative home surrounded by her dad's art school paintings; though he never worked in the arts, his otherworldly pieces were imprinted on her psyche from an early age.

As a self-taught artist, Rachel followed her passion for retro-inspired design through many different mediums before finding a home in digital art. She lives and works just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her partner Russell and their "not nice at all" chihuahua, Cooper.


"Pinball Number Count" images by Jeff Hale + Imagination Inc.